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WTL - worksheets

These worksheets are intended as additional support material for ‘The Way, the Truth & the Life’ series. The numbers refer to the modules in the syllabus, for example 5.5 is Year 5 first part of summer term (see overview of syllabus for Key Stage 2 and Book 5 Pupils’ Book). 

‘The Way, the Truth & the Life’ Book 5

Introduction to Resurrection Appearances

The accounts of the five appearances of Jesus are intended as support material for Chapter 5 ‘Life in the Risen Jesus’ page …

Group Work:
Group 1: Thomas and Jesus John 20: 19-29
Group 2: The disciples on the road to Emmaus Luke 24: 13-35
Group 3: Jesus appears to the Apostles in the Upper Room Luke 24: 36-43
Group 4: On the shore of Tiberias John 21: 1-4Group 5: Jesus speaks to Peter John 21: 15-17

PDF Downloads - view with Adobe Acrobat

  5.5 Jesus & Apostles in Upper Room

  5.5 Jesus & Thomas

  5.5 Jesus speaks to Peter

  5.5 On the Shore of Tiberias

  5.5 Road to Emmaus

  5.6 Nation of Immigrants

The following downloads have been given abbreviations to indicate if the document is a worksheet (WS) or scripture (ST).

  6.1 The Calming of the Storm (ST)

  6.1 Cure of the Centurion's Servant (ST)

  6.1 The Cure of the Man Born Blind (ST)

  6.1 Cure of the Paralysed Man (ST)

  6.1 Jairus' daughter (ST)

  6.1 The Miracle of the Loaves (ST)

  6.1 The Resurrection of Lazarus (ST)

  6.1 The Son of the Widow of Nain restored to life (ST)

  6.1 Parable of the two Sons (WS)

  6.1 Values of the Kingdom (WS)

  6.1 The Wedding at Cana (ST)

  6.2 Dorothy Day (WS)

  6.2 Archbishop Romero (WS)

  6.3 I confess to Almighty God... (WS)

  6.3 Prayers and Responses at Sunday Mass

  6.4 DRAMA - Plots

  6.4 Jairus' daughter raised to life (ST)

  6.4 Peter's Diary Holy week (WS LA)

  6.5 The early Christain community (ST)

  6.5 Before and After Pentecost (ST)

  6.5 The Conversion of Saul (ST)

  6.5 The cure of the man who could not walk (ST)

  6.5 Peter's Arrest and Miraculous Escape (ST)

  6.5 Stephen's Speech (ST)

  6.6 Gifts of the Holy Spirit (WS)

  6.6 Guided reflection

  6.6 The Sacrament of Marriage (WS)