Primary Book 1


PDF  Big Book 1 sample pages
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Big book & WorKbook 1


  1. God’s Great Plan
  2. Mary our Mother
  3. Families and Celebrations
  4. Following Jesus
  5. The Resurrection
  6. Miracles

Teacher's Book 1

Introduction, Notes for Users, Overview of Syllabus, Methodology

For each module

  • Key Learning Objectives
  • Theological Notes
  • Key Questions
  • Links with the Big Book
  • Texts to read to children
  • Questions to discuss
  • Activities
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Guide to Levels of Achievement
  • Glossary for Pupils
Well done! A fantastic set of resources that will certainly enhance the teaching of our religion and strengthen the faith of our children. I have used several schemes and this is the best I've seen. Thank you!