Primary Book 2


PDF  Pupil's Book 2 sample pages
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PUPIL's book 2


1. The Chosen People
2. Mysteries (The Trinity)
3. The Good News
4. The Mass
5. Eastertide
6. The Church is Born

Teacher's Book 2

Introduction, Overview of Syllabus, Methodology

For each module

  • Key Learning Objectives
  • Theological Notes
  • Points for discussion
  • Further activities
  • Display ideas
  • Suggestions for ICT
  • Prayer, liturgies
  • Worksheets to photocopy
  • Assessment tasks
A BIG thank you for all the child-friendly and teacher friendly resources! This scheme can only draw pupils (and teachers) towards it and into it. It is so beautifully visual, well-structured. The website and varied activities – art, drama, literacy, etc. give us great variety for our lessons.