Primary Book 6


PDF  Pupil's Book 6 sample pages
PDF  Teacher's Book 6 sample pages
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PUPIL'S Book 6


1.  The Kingdom of God
2.  Justice
3.  Exploring the Mass
4.  Jesus, the Messiah
5.  The Transforming Spirit
6.  Called to Serve

Teacher's Book 6

Introduction, Overview of Syllabus, Methodology, Notes for Users, Contents of the DVD ROM 6

For each module

•    Key Learning Objectives
•    Theological Notes
•    Starting points
•    Additional activities
•    Worksheets to photocopy
•    Guidance for Assessment
•    Overview of Levels of Attainment
•    Assessment tasks
•    Guidance on Marking Assessment tasks
•    Progression to Higher Order Thinking

Brilliant range of tasks that encourage children to develop meaning and use high order skills; also, activities which are fun and varied – thank you very much!