Early Years Foundation Stage (3-5 YEAR OLDS)


PDF  EYFS Nursery Flyer
  EYFS Reception Flyer
  EYFS Contents
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DVD-ROM Contents

  • Teacher’s Book for Nursery
  • Teacher’s Book for Reception
  • Notes for users
  • Overview of syllabus
  • Methodology
  • Sixty-five Power Point presentations
  • Video: When Jesus was a little boy
  • Approximately 300 pictures
  • Profiles for Assessment

Modules for Nursery

  1. God’s Wonderful World
  2. My Family
  3. The Holy Family
  4. Good Friends
  5. New Life
  6. Our Church Family

Modules for Reception

  1. God’s World
  2. God’s Family
  3. Getting to know Jesus
  4. Sorrow and Joy
  5. New Life
  6. Our Church Family

Power Point Presentations

Nursery: Power Point Presentations Reception: Power Point Presentations
N1.1 Fruits in God’s world R1.1 God’s World – creation of the world
N1.2 Hens and chicks R1.2 Caring for God’s world
N1.2 Animals in God’s world R1.2 Where do we get milk?
N1.2 Flowers in God’s world R1.3 Things God made for us
N1.2 Cows R1.3 God’s love
N1.3 God made us R1.3 A visit to a farm
N1.4 Wonderful things in God’s world R1.3 Showing God’s love to others
N1.4 Looking after God’s world R1.4 God made each one of us special
N2.1 Types of Families R2.1 The Annunciation
N2.1 Family outings R2.2 Advent
N2.1 Ways to help my family R2.3 The birth of Jesus
N2.2 Journey to Bethlehem R2.4 The shepherds visit Jesus
N2.3 The first Christmas R3.2 Fishing all night
N3.1 Sam & Yolanda visit a farm R3.2 Jesus loves children
N3.2 Looking for Hootie R3.3 Children helping at home
N3.2 Jesus as a little boy R3.4 Cure of the Man at the Pool
N3.3 Jesus loves little children R3.4 Doctors & nurses
N3.4 The Good Samaritan R3.4 Lourdes
N3.4 Helping others R4.1 Robin & Rosie are sorry
N3.4 At the Doctor’s R4.1 Dan won’t forgive
N4.2 Good friends at school R4.1 Toby and Jack
N4.2 Toby & Jack R4.1 Helping others
N4.3 Joe and his mum R4.2 Bertha the Bunny – Q & P*
N4.3 Sam forgives Fabio R4.2 Zacchaeus
N5.1 The Resurrection R4.3 Minnie the Monkey – Q & P*
N5.2 Jesus appears to Thomas R4.4 Making the sign of the cross
N5.3 The Seasons R5.2 The road to Emmaus
N5.4 Flowers for Mary R5.2 Jesus goes back to heaven
N5.4 Children crown Mary R5.4 Flowers for Mary
N6.3 Mrs Brown’s children praying R5.4 Mary Queen of Heaven
N6.3 Inside a church R5.4 Mary crowned Queen of Heaven
N6.3 How to make the sign of the cross R6.1 The First Christians
 N6.4 In church – I can R6.2 Visit to a church
  R6.3 What can we do in Church?
N + R VIDEO ‘When Jesus was a little boy’ R6.4 David is Baptised
N + R Approximately 300 A4 pictures *Q & P= Questions & Pictures
I was scared to teach RE in the nursery class but by seeing how much I can use from the Foundation Stage scheme of work you have made me a much happier teacher, thank you.