book 7 - the way


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PUPIL'S Book 7


1.  Revelation & Faith
2.  God’s Promises Fulfilled
3.  The Saviour
4.  The Church
5.  The Sacraments
6.  Christianity & Other Faiths

Teacher's book 7

Introduction, Overview of Syllabus, Contents of DVD ROM, Methodology, Notes for Users

For each module

•  Key learning objectives
•  Theological notes
•  Starting points
•  Links to DVD ROM
•  Additional activities
•  Points for discussion
•  Worksheets to photocopy
•  Reflections



•    45 Power Point Presentations
•    60 Worksheets
•    30 SMART & PROMETHEAN Flipcharts
•    80 Assessment Tasks
•    Wide variety of additional resources

This WTL scheme has encouraged me to reflect on my own teaching of RE and how I can make it more effective for all the students. The scheme itself is truly wonderful. There is so much information and resources to make my RE lessons effective. I am particularly impressed by how appropriate everything is for today’s teenagers I can't wait to start using it with my classes!