picture of Archbishop Vincent Nichols

This site will link you to a group of teachers working hard to improve classroom RE, especially in Catholic schools. This 'enterprise' has my full support and encouragement. I hope this site will be a point of dynamic exchange of ideas, proposals, feedback and solutions.

Religious education in our schools has always been very challenging. There has been no 'golden age', (at least not in my life time!). There are plenty of challenges today; but there is also much good work being done. If you want to learn more, if you can contribute, then please come to this site often!

Archbishop Vincent Nichols 


The Mission of the Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education is to support teachers in every way possible – it is teachers helping teachers.

You will find a large variety of resources on this website to support not only classroom religious education but also all the staff, e.g. Thought for the Day, Spiritual Development, Theological Reflections and some resources for Collective Worship.

Support material: worksheets, literacy, interactive activities, exemplification material; stories of inspirational people and the syllabus for ‘The Way, the Truth & the Life' Key Stage 3.

See PUBLICATIONS for details of 'The Way' for Year 7; 'The Truth' for Year 8 and 'The Life' for Year 9;  in addition 'Student's and Teacher's Books.

Marcellina Cooney, CP
Co-ordinating Editor