Theological relfections

These articles are intended for teachers who want to enrich their understanding of the theology of religious education in the classroom.

An Outline Theology of the Bible

Mark's Gospel

Teaching about Creation


Penance & Reconcilation

The Eucharist

The Catechetical Joyful Mysteries

Redeeming Halloween

The Parish Church

The Eucharist & the Church


The following articles are taken from back numbers of The Sower with kind permission from the Maryvale Institute. The Sower is a British journal for religious educators and catechists, which is published four times a year. For subscription details of The Sower go to

Teaching about Creation Amette Ley

Understanding the Sacraments

Margaret Perryman-Delfanne
Penance & Reconciliation Margaret Perryman-Delfanne
The Eucharist Margaret Perryman-Delfanne
The Catechetical Joyful Mysteries Raymond Topley
Redeeming Hallowe’en Gillian Murphy
The Parish Church Gillian Murphy