Hi, How Can We Help You?
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Our Aim is

to support teachers
in Catholic schools

In their daily task of unfolding for pupils the mystery of God, the teaching of the Church and its application in daily life.

Our objectives are;

  • To promote the teaching of religious education;
  • to provide opportunities for teachers to deepen their theological understanding of the Christian faith and its application to daily life;
  • to create a rich variety of resources, e.g. textbooks, website, CD ROMS, DVDS, etc;
  • to respond to requests for in-service and support.


Since 2000 we have
helped teachers all over world

The Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education (TERE) started in 2000 with the mission of ‘Teachers Helping Teachers’. The aim was to provide teacher and student friendly resources which could be relied upon to provide a Catholic approach to Religious Education in line with current statements from the Bishops’ Conference and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Teachers’ Enterprise continues to offer a wide variety of resources which teachers and students can rely upon and enjoy.